Ju jitsu (also known as jiu jitsu) is a practical martial art suitable for persons of any age, shape or size. It generally focuses on applying self defence in today’s world, but also embraces more traditional aspects such as kata and weapons. It is a great way of keeping fit, as well as providing you with the skills you may need to defend yourself.

Ju jitsu can be applied in many situations that may be encountered, such as mugging or rape. Training in ju jitsu will show you how you can use your body to the greatest effect in order to defend yourself against assailants, with minimum effort for maximum effect‘. 

Strength and fitness are not the most important aspects (although they do help!), as using blocking, locking and throwing techniques plus knowing how to strike effectively means you can use your opponent’s strength against them, allowing you to fight back and win. 

The confidence you gain from being able to defend yourself will hopefully show through, making potential attackers more likely to look for an easier and weaker target.

Ju jitsu has many different aspects to it. These range from basic self defence including striking, throwing and locking; to vigourous activities such as sparring and groundwork; to the calm, relaxed movements of kata and weapons techniques.

These very different training aspects improve different areas of your technique. Sparring and groundfighting allow you to get used to fighting situations: two people grappling with each other, with each trying to overpower the other and win; whereas kata and weapons kata fine-tune and perfect your movements, allowing greater fluidity and efficiency in combat situations, giving you the edge against your opponent.

Training in as many areas of ju jitsu as possible will allow you to become a well-rounded martial artist.

Many different people train in ju jitsu for many different reasons, be it for self defence, competition, fitness, knowledge, increased confidence, or just because they enjoy it – if you ask anyone who trains in ju jitsu, they will almost certainly tell you that ju jitsu training is fun.

Ju jitsu can offer something for everyone. There are so many benefits to be found in ju jitsu: you just can’t lose!